Dieng Potato?

Like potatoes in general that grow in tropical and subtropical regions / countries. Dieng potato planting area starts from the Batur area with an altitude of 1,661 meters above sea level to Kejajar Dieng above with a height of 2,115 meters above sea level.

What is the Difference Between Lowlands and Highlands?

The difference between lowlands and highlands greatly affects the quality of potatoes, because basically the higher the planting area, the better the quality of potatoes.

Dieng Potato Type:

– Granola (Vegetable Potato)

Granola is a term for potatoes that have an oval shape, golden yellow color, soft / smooth texture, potatoes for vegetables.

– Agriya / Atlantic

Agriya is a type of potato that has a relatively oval shape compared to Granola, and has a lighter whitish color and a dense and crunchy texture, processed potatoes for factories.

Dieng Potato Grade

  • TO
  • DN
  • PL
  • A & B
  • AL
  • TO
  • DN
  • PL
  • A B L

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