The Largest Potato Production in Indonesia

With a geographical condition that is located 2,090 meters above sea level, Dieng Village is very suitable for agriculture, especially vegetables. One type of vegetable produced in this village is potato, because potatoes are suitable for planting in the highlands because they like a cool climate.

Every plot of land, from the tip of the hills to the crevices of the valleys of the Dieng Plateau, is dotted with the contours of potato fields. The atmosphere that is always shrouded in fog is believed to have played a role in creating a superior type of potato plant in this cold temperature area. The potential of this area (Dieng Plateau) is very high in terms of potato cultivation, not only many domestic enthusiasts want to invest in potato cultivation, but also from abroad.

Dieng potato resistance is much better, when compared to potatoes from other regions. The low water content makes Dieng potatoes not easy to rot, besides that the carbohydrate and sugar content is also low. For this reason, some of these Dieng potatoes are also exported to several countries.

Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS) recorded that the total imports of fresh potatoes from within the country reached US$ 41.29 million with a volume of 92.78 million kg in 2021.

Germany is the country of origin for Indonesia’s largest potato imports, reaching US$ 11.5 million with a volume of 29.3 million kg. Followed by imports of potatoes from India as much as US $ 10.08 million (27.94 million kg).

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