Indonesian Potatoes Have a Softer Texture

At first glance, all potatoes have the same appearance. It turns out that the potato consists of several types that are different from each other. One of them is a typical potato from Dieng, Central Java, Indonesia which has a softer texture than other types of potatoes. Dwi, a potato farmer in Dieng, Wonosobo, Central Java, said that potatoes grown in the Dieng Plateau have a softer texture.

“This potato is softer than other potatoes, so it’s delicious to eat,” said the man from Dieng when collecting his potato harvest when met by Okezone, Monday 17 August 2015. In addition to a softer texture, potato dieng also has another advantage, namely having a cleaner skin. “The skin is also clean, if you buy this potato the soil doesn’t accumulate so it’s easier to clean,” he added with a thick Javanese accent.

Dieng Plateau is known as one of the largest potato-producing centers in Indonesia. Potatoes produced in Dieng have an advantage because they are grown in the highlands which have fertile soil and cool air temperatures.

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